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  • Extremely Toxic: Causes Death
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    Japanese Cycad For Sale Egypt,Sago Palm For Sale Egypt,Cycad, Japanese Cycad, Sago Cycad, Japanses Sago Palm, Sago Palm, Japanese Fern Palm, King Sago Palm
    Japanese Cycad

    Cycas revoluta


    A much-loved evergreen that develops a stout trunk topped by a whorl of dark green fronds, its stiff foliage forms a stunning open rosette that adds a splendid tropical palm tree-like element to smaller landscapes and patio gardens.

  • Maidenhair Fern

    Adiantum raddianum


    Adiantum Raddianum represents purity and innocence, meanings that also recur in the ancient legend that said that someone is still a virgin if they can hold a branch of maidenhair fern without the leaves moving.

  • NASA's top 10 air purifying plants
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    Boston Fern For Sale Egypt , Nephrolepis Exaltata For Sale Egypt, Bostonfern, Dwarf Feather Palm, Fluffy Ruffles, Sword Fern,Boston Swordfern, Wild Boston Fern, Boston Blue Bell Fern, Tuber Ladder Fern, Green Lady plant, Fishbone Fern, Dwarf Feather Palm, Fluffy Ruffles, Bostonfern
    Nephrolepis Exaltata

    Boston Fern


    Boston ferns are ranked as one of NASA’s top 10 air purifying plants.

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