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  • Fatsia japonica ‘Spider’s Web’

    Fatsia japonica 'Tsumugi-shibori'


    Fatsia japonica ‘Spider’s Web’ is a new Fatsia variety which is the same as the original Fatsia except that the leaves are variegated. The normally green leaves are streaked with grey/white, typically at the margins but this depends on the growing conditions.

  • Fatsia Japonica

    Paperplant, Fatsia


    If you’re looking for a jungle style this is perfect – even if you don’t have the jungle climate.

  • On The Way
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    Houseplant for Frequent Travelers
    NASA's top 10 air purifying plants
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    Whale Fin Plant For Sale Egypt
    Whale Fin Plant

    Dracaena masoniana


    Just one leaf, but what a leaf!
    This pretty fin will catch your guests’ eyes! It can be used as an accent piece or in more interior spots in your home.

  • Feng Shui
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    Curly Spider Plant ‘Bonnie’

    Chlorophytum comosum


    The Curly Spider Plant (Chlorophytum Comosum) is a curly variety of the traditional Spider plant. One of the most easy-care plants around, and great for beginners for being hardy, not requiring much water, and fast-growing.

  • Sweetheart Hoya

    Hoya Kerrii


    The Sweetheart (Hoya kerrii) Plants are often given as a gift on Valentine’s Day, as they’re believed to symbolize love and devotion.

  • Feng Shui
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    Pachira Aquatica For Sale Egypt, Money Tree For Sale Egypt, Guiana Chestnut, Provision Tree, Shaving-brush Tree, Malabar Chestnut, Water Chestnut, Saba Nut, Fortune Tree, Money Tree, Oje, Mexican fortune tree, Water chestnut, Pachira macrocarpa, Carolinea
    Money Tree

    Pachira Aquatica


    Many cultures believe that this plant can bring good luck, prosperity, and financial success. Most stems have five to six leaves, but if you get one with seven, it’s considered to be a sign of incredibly good luck. Easy to care for and makes a great gift.

  • Anti-Radiation
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    Chinese Money Plant For Sale Egypt, Pilea peperomioides, Pancake plant, UFO plant, Pass it on plant, missionary plant.
    Chinese Money Plant

    Pilea peperomioides


    Chinese Money Plant It’s beautiful, low-maintenance, and extremely easy-growing. Chinese Money Plants are extremely easy to propagate and share with friends. Simply cut the new leaves off with a clean knife at the base of their stem and stick them into some fresh soil. That earned it the nickname ‘pass it on plant’.

  • Feng Shui
    Feng Shui
    Perfect Houseplant
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    Fiddle-leaf Fig For Sale Egypt
    Fiddle-leaf Fig

    Ficus Lyrata


    The King of houseplants!
    Ficus Lyrata is an excellent choice as a large tropical plant with gloriously broad leaves for anyone looking to impress their guests or create a stunning centerpiece with any home style.

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