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    NASA's top 10 air purifying plants
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    Whale Fin Plant For Sale Egypt
    Whale Fin Plant

    Dracaena masoniana


    Just one leaf, but what a leaf!
    This pretty fin will catch your guests’ eyes! It can be used as an accent piece or in more interior spots in your home.

  • Sweet Orange Tree

    Citrus sinensis


    Enjoy the sweet taste of success and love. Whether you’re arranging a bouquet for your home or choosing flowers for your upcoming wedding day, orange blossoms will make the perfect addition. Their rich symbolic history and lovely fragrance can help you celebrate your big day or simply add a bit of sweetness to your everyday life.

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    Ficus Microcarpa, Ficus Moclame, Pot Belly Fig, Laurel Fig, Laurel Rubber, Curtain Fig, Strangling Fig, Chinese banyan, Chinese banyan fig, Fig, Hill's weeping fig, Indian laurel fig, Indian-laurel, Laurel fig tree, Malay banyan, Malayan banyan, Glossy-leaf fig, Ginseng
    Ficus Microcarpa ‘Moclame’

    Ficus Moclame


    This amazing plant can be what you want, indoor or outdoor, a great shade tree in your garden, a green hedge around the pool, a lovely shrub in your home with lovely style, or an incredible bonsai, as your own choice!. It’s easy to grow and will tolerate more direct sunlight than most other fig trees.

  • Key Lime Tree

    Citrus aurantiifolia


    The fresh, sweet scent of the Key Lime in your home/garden delectable must-have, just give it daily direct sunlight.

  • Bay Tree ‘Bay Laurel’

    Laurus nobilis


    Bay Laurel’s primary meaning is glory, success, and achieving your goals at any cost.

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    NASA's top 10 air purifying plants
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    Common Ivy For Sale Egypt,Hedera helix For Sale Egypt, English Ivy For Sale Egypt
    English Ivy

    Hedera helix


    Despite its great beauty and benefits, we do not sell the Hedera helix ‘Common Ivy’ on GardenaMart due to its extreme danger toxic to your family, children, neighbors, pets, and all animals around your home.

    Please discover the suggested plants by clicking here!

  • Anti-Radiation
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    Chinese Money Plant For Sale Egypt, Pilea peperomioides, Pancake plant, UFO plant, Pass it on plant, missionary plant.
    Chinese Money Plant

    Pilea peperomioides


    Chinese Money Plant It’s beautiful, low-maintenance, and extremely easy-growing. Chinese Money Plants are extremely easy to propagate and share with friends. Simply cut the new leaves off with a clean knife at the base of their stem and stick them into some fresh soil. That earned it the nickname ‘pass it on plant’.

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