Peacock Plant

Goeppertia Makoyana


Calathea Makoyana is quite a small species of prayer plant with beautiful, colourful leaves. While it may not be the easiest plant to care for, it is definitely worth the effort.
This houseplant has a curious habit of raising and lowering its leaves over the course of a day.

Air Purifier

Air Purifier

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Hydroculture Plant

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Peacock Plant Care Tips

Sun & Light

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About Peacock Plant

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Previously known as: Calathea makoyana

The Calathea makoyana is known commonly as the peacock plant as its memorable patterned leaves are said to resemble the feathered tail of a peacock. This evergreen perennial is not only stunning, but also an exceptional air purifier in your indoor plant collection.Calathea Makoyana For Sale Egypt



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Botanical Name

Goeppertia Makoyana


Peacock Plant, Makoyana, Prayer plant, Cathedral windows


Mature Height & Spread

Calathea Makoyana For Sale Egypt
– The Calathea is an air-purifying plant; it helps to remove harmful toxins such as Formaldehyde and Benzene from the environment.
– Calathea is one of the most intriguing plants in the looks department.
– The healthy Calathea works as a moisture booster in the surrounding. The leaves of Calathea are pretty good at trapping moisture from the surroundings as well. If you want your Calathea to be full of moisture the way it likes, you need to mist it with a spray can at least once a week.
– Calathea is Pet-friendly.
– Calatheas are Dust Trappers, You must be so sick and tired of vacuuming your house every day because the dust particles won’t stop floating and settling inside your home. Many plants have magical leaves that work to trap dust particles in the air. Calathea is one of them.
Calathea has large and waxy leaves that are very efficient in trapping dust around your house. Not only dust, but they also trap Particulate Matter (PM).
– Calathea is known to relieve stress. This may sound absurd, but looking at this plant for a few minutes only can relieve the stress from the hard and long day at the office.
– In the wild Calathea Peacock houseplants live on the jungle floor and have adapted to thrive below the canopy. They have big leaves with a wide surface area to capture any water that leaks down from the canopy above and the light that prisms from higher up.
– Many Calatheas follow a process called nyctinasty, where their leaves furl up at night and unfurl at dawn following a circadian rhythm. It is believed they do this to follow the sun through the sky and absorb as much light as possible.
– Calathea Peacock houseplants are said to symbolise a new beginning as each day their leaves furl up in the evening and unfurl in the morning. It is said that the phrase turning over a new leaf comes from this behaviour.
They should be kept out of direct sunshine, by a north-facing window or set back from the window in a bright room. Calatheas love high humidity, making them perfect for a kitchen or bathroom. They like to have constantly moist but not wet soil, so it is best to water them little and often. They can also be fussy with the type of water, so rainwater or filtered water is best. They also hate the cold, so avoid exposure to any temperatures below 15°C.
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