Sweet Orange Tree

Citrus sinensis


Enjoy the sweet taste of success and love. Whether you’re arranging a bouquet for your home or choosing flowers for your upcoming wedding day, orange blossoms will make the perfect addition. Their rich symbolic history and lovely fragrance can help you celebrate your big day or simply add a bit of sweetness to your everyday life.

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Sweet Orange Tree Care Tips

Sun & Light

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About Sweet Orange Tree

Orange Sweet is a neat, evergreen fruiting tree. The foliage is a lovely rich green which holds its color all year round. Petite white fragrant blooms appear in mid to late Autumn. Following the blooms, large rounded orange fruits with thin skin develop. The fruit is very juicy, with excellent flavor! The first harvest is in Winter followed by a second crop in Spring. Ideal eaten fresh, in drinks, or used in cooking. Citrus sinensis For Sale Egypt, Orange Tree For Sale Egypt

The Citrus sinensis tree produces clusters of flowers called orange blossoms. The flowers are white, star-shaped, and strongly fragrant with citrus notes, and sweet, baby-soft, soapy undertones.

Please note that: All Citrus will take up to 3 years to produce a harvestable crop. It isn’t uncommon in the first 12-18 months for the fruit to form on the tree but be undersized or lacking flavor. In the first 12 months, the tree will be establishing its roots into the soil, in the second year you should be establishing the framework of the tree and then in the third year, they should begin to crop. Uneven weather conditions can also affect the fruiting times, crops, and yield.

Edible Orange Tree, Sweet Orange Tree, Navel Orange Tree, Orange Tree

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Botanical Name

Citrus sinensis


Edible Orange Tree, Sweet Orange Tree, Navel Orange Tree, Orange Tree


Mature Height & Spread

Citrus sinensis For Sale Egypt, Orange Tree For Sale Egypt
The eating orange has been consumed for centuries, and recent studies have attributed the fruit with lowering cholesterol and aiding in the digestion of fat.
It contains bergapten, which is used in tanning lotions, and its fragrance is found in perfumes and cleaning products.
Sweet orange gets its scientific or botanical name from a combination of Greek and Latin origins.

The word citrus comes from the Greek word citron which refers to cedar trees. It’s thought to have been assigned to citrus trees due to their green foliage’s similar scent. The word sinensus comes from the Latin for China or Chinese and refers to the orange tree’s origins.
The common word that refers to the fruit and type of tree, “orange” comes from the Persian word for the fruit, Narang.
An easy to care for and tough plant, it will suit even the most inexperienced plant lover if the care tips are followed correctly.
Fertilize Orange Sweet throughout the peak growing seasons, low water requirements through winter keep the tree well-watered throughout Summer.
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