Aeschynanthus radicans ‘Mona Lisa’

Lipstick Plant


This is such a quirky unusual plant that it will certainly catch people’s attention. Known as the lipstick plant because of the tubular scarlet flowers which sprout out from the ends of the bright green, fleshy twisted leaves.

Make sure your home has enough light and is in an environment with the proper temperature and high humidity.

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Hanging Plant



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Aeschynanthus radicans ‘Mona Lisa’ Care Tips

Sun & Light

Bright but indirect sunlight


Moderate watering



About Aeschynanthus radicans ‘Mona Lisa’

Most lipstick plants are pollinated not by bees but by stunning sunbirds. You will get a lot of Nile Valley Sunbirds in the wild in Egypt.

Lipstick Plant

Perfect for growing indoors in a hanging basket where the curling foliage and tropical-looking flowers can tumble over the edge to be fully appreciated. Originating from rainforests, these plants like a humid warm atmosphere in a brightly lit spot, but not in direct sun, so a steamy bathroom or kitchen would be ideal.

To See Your Aeschynanthus radicans ‘Mona Lisa’ Happy!

keep your Lipstick plant somewhere with high humidity like a steamy bathroom, on a tray of pebbles, or next to a humidifier, to recreate its tropical homeland.

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Botanical Name

Mature Height & Spread

The Lipstick plant (Aeschynanthus) is very decorative with its evergreen foliage and beautiful flowers that bloom every year.
Lipstick plant can live over ten years when they’re grown indoors.
Lipstick plants are generally easy to care for.
The Lipstick Plant, or Aeschynanthus, is found in steamy forests across the eastern hemisphere. There are over 150 different species, most of them epiphytes, which means they grow in nooks on trees or rocks, rather than on the ground.
Make sure your home has enough bright indirect sunlight and has proper temperature and humidity.
Lipstick plants are relatively easy to grow indoors at home.
Lipstick plants are generally low-maintenance and grow well in average homes.
Lipstick plants need at least five hours of bright indirect light each day.
Sun & Light



Plant Friendliness

Ideal Indoor Location


Growth Rate

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