Red Chinese Evergreen

Aglaonema Crete, Red Aglaonema


As per Feng Shui, Chinese Evergreens are considered auspicious plants and may bring good luck and fortune, they are often given as gifts.

Due to their tolerance and adaptability to most lighting situations they make excellent houseplants.

Air Purifier


Red Chinese Evergreen Care Tips

Sun & Light

Bright indirect sunlight


Light watering


Toxic to all

About Red Chinese Evergreen

When you order from Gardena Mart, you get a Chinese Evergreen that’s especially strong and versatile. We deliver your Red Chinese Evergreen directly to your door with a healthy, better-developed root system, so you get a head start on sturdy, long-lived growth.

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Feng Shui Plants

To See Your Red Chinese Evergreen Happy!

keep your Chinese Evergreen somewhere with high humidity to recreate its tropical homeland.

Happiness Happens Here!
If you’re buying this plant as a special gift, we’ll enclose a free, handwritten card with your order. Just smile, and note your message at the basket stage of the checkout and we’ll do the rest!

Botanical Name

Mature Height & Spread

If you’re looking for an indoor plant to rejuvenate your home’s living interior then this Chinese Evergreen is always a great option.
Give this Chinese Evergreen the love it needs and you’ll be welcomed to neon pink tints and green hues that blend so beautifully.

It’s an easy-to-grow plant and requires very maintenance, making it suitable and a favorite choice for an indoor plant. A study suggests this plant grows well in low light indoor conditions and is free of any serious disease or insect problems.

Chinese Evergreen plants are one of the best air-purifying indoor plants. It is the best choice for detoxifying digital to environmental stress.

Chinese Evergreen, considered a natural humidifier increases the levels of positivity.
Chinese evergreen is perfect for the novice or busy indoor gardener, who wants to introduce a bright splash of colourful foliage without having too much fuss and bother.

Chinese Evergreen is an excellent and beautiful houseplant to care for. They are relatively easy to maintain and work well with those who like to water and interact with their plants.
However, this specific cultivar does require more light. It is also toxic and should be kept away from children and pets.


Ideal Indoor Location

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Growth Rate

Plant Friendliness

Sun & Light

Special feature
Foliage Color

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